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Authentic Italian Kitchens are a luxury only a few think they can afford but one company in Miami is changing this perception by making customised Italian Kitchens affordable and still staying profitable. When they wanted to tell their story they signed us to travel all the way to their factories in Ancona, Italy, their head quarters in Miami and assemblies at various locations in the United States.

This production took us to the heart of the Italian manufacturing ecosystem and offered us exclusive access into the world of Italian made kitchen units. With a crew consisting of only 2 members Kalveer Biradar and Jim Rydell, this was a Run’n’Gun style filming all the way. The scale of Italian factories and the beauty of its landscape was beautifully captured via Drone operated by Jim.

Owing to the varied aspects of the company’s operations, we developed 15 short Insta videos each highlighting a specific aspect of the business.

This campaign helped Italkraft explain to their customers more visually how their entire operation worked and just how much goes into importing units from Italy and assembling in a client’s residence in Miami. We wish them all the best and look forward to creating many more videos in the future.

Few insights into our work for Italkraft-

No of videos generated- 18
No of days of shoot- around 3 weeks
Parallel Editing (The Value add)- Yes. While shooting was still in progress, our studio resources back in India (basis the story) kept lining up footage that was sent from there on a day to day basis. So we had the edit done in almost no time.


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