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In 2012, on the eve of Diwali festival, an operations manager of a year old cab aggregator startup was scrambling through her contacts to find a production house to explore a possibility of creating a digital film with a tight deadline. She had a little less than 12 hours to turn around a video to leverage the holiday season. Being a young studio ourselves, we were always looking for projects that others couldn’t execute, so we grabbed on to the opportunity that we saw. Long story short, we now produce 200 hours of animated e-learning content, IVRs and internal communication videos for OLA. 

Since then of course OLA have become a $5Billion worth company. It has been an inspiration to watch their growth and we take great pride in being part of that journey.


A few insights into our work for OLA-
Langauges: Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, English, Sinhala, Bengali

Animated e-learning videos: 200+ Hours

Scope of work: Filming interviews, animating app screens, Language translations, Voice over recording, Mobile optimised video compression, Managing Video repository and design.

The ‘Value Add’- We could device ways of making animated videos in unimaginably quick time. This way, we really gave the client a positive solution to the requirements they had and delivered.


Kalveer: + 91 9886 583 866

Arjun: +91 9945238286

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