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2011, I accidentally clicked on a Youtube ad promoting a digital video contest by RCB. I remember telling my roommate “Macha! RCB is looking for a video blogger ra, think I should take part in this contest?”
A little bit of flashback- Me and my roommate had just gotten back from a sponsored trip to South Africa after winning an online video making contest by Airtel. With all these contests doing the rounds I thought I could just make a living winning contests. So I signed up for the RCB Big Break contest and after a few auditions and interviews I was shortlisted along with a Abhishek Shivram and Vikram to travel and video blog for RCB.

Around that time video blogging in India was still in its nascent stage and the potential of digital videos for marketing was more of a novelty than a norm. This notion was a boon for the early adopter of this medium as it freed us to experiment and break all the established grammar of video production. The result was the viewers got to see a intimate, raw and candid look into the day to day life of a cricketer. The popularity of this content was further validated by the increase in number of channel subscribers and millions of viewers sharing and commenting on them.

In hindsight, kudos to ‘USL’ and ‘Experience Commerce’ on being bullish about social media way back then. With around 3.8 Lakh organic youtube subscribers, the channel is way ahead of its competitors. With all these early experiments bearing good results, the management decided to put the peddle to the floor and take the bespoke content production to a whole new level by introducing Danish Sait alias Mr.Nags into the equation, the prankster, comedian, actor among many other things. The content evolved from being day to day updates on the team movement to improvised unscripted ‘webisodes’ with an underlying storyline through the season. It was a massive hit among fans which had them coming back for more and developed a cult like following. Mr.Nags’ catch phrase “Peas” become a viral sensation.

8 years on, the production has grown from being a one man crew, travelling, documenting the team, to now a full fledged studio with multiple disciplines of production involved.

A few insights from the campaigns since 2011-

Subscribers : 3,80,000
Total views : 90 Million 
No. of videos : 400+ 
Crew size: 7


Kalveer: + 91 9886 583 866

Arjun: +91 9945238286

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